The less the Packers and Steelers score, the more you do at Okemo

You’ll want to root for a low-scoring affair in next weekend’s Super Bowl between the Packers and Steelers.

That’s because Okemo Mountain Resort, in Ludlow, Vt., will sell lift tickets the day after the game for the equivalent of total points scored by the Steelers and Packers. Therefore, if it’s a 34-10 game, you’ll pay $44. If it’s a 17-10 affair, you’ll dish out $27. 

The lowest-scoring Super Bowl, by the way, was in 1973 when the Dolphins and Redskins only managed to score a combined 21 points. The Saints and Colts put up 48 points in last year’s Super Bowl. Even if things get out of hand offensively, not to worry; Okemo is capping that day’s lift ticket at $59. 

It says here, Packers 28-24, so enjoy skiing Okemo for $52.


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