Lift patrol

Stuck in the gondola for what seemed an eternity last weekend at Loon, the thought of the Sugarloaf chair collapse didn’t cross my mind. That is, until the other two yodels in the car decided to bring it up. 

Admittedly, a chairlift collapsing is just something I don’t worry about when skiing, leaving the responsibility to the professionals, concerning myself with more dire questions, like will my knee brace hold up, what’s the next song on shuffle, and what’s on draft in the lodge.

Seven Days’ Andy Bromage caught up with the Vermont Department of Labor’s Robert Pirie, whose duty it is to inspect each lift in the state for safety. That’s 184 lifts and more than a half-million feet of cable to check out in Vermont alone. With only a three-man staff, that’s no easy task. But Pirie sounds meticulous about his work, which is comforting. Hopefully there are more like him throughout New England helping assure the lifts are safe. 


But if getting stranded – or worse – on a lift still scares you, then might I suggest you not rent the movie, “Frozen.” Not because it will further frighten you, but because it’s a terrible movie. 

HT: Snow Journal

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