Leather, the latest trend in ever trendy snowboarding?


So I am watching the Winter X Games taking place in Aspen during a down day

heli-skiing in British Columbia (it happens). Out comes Shaun White, formerly the “Flying Tomato” with this raging, red hair, sporting a rock-star status black leather jacket & pants for his slopestyle snowboard run – interesting I think to myself. I never embraced the baggy boarder pants around the knees and the boxers on display. I prefer fitted for sure, I am an old school skier, but I am not sure what to think of the biker look for boarders either.

Well Shaun White’s qualifying runs weren’t enough to make the final cut; despite his fashion flair. He was as surprised as the fans I bet. What I didn’t expect was for White to be so gracious – saying that the upcoming riders were bringing the bar up and that he’d have to go practice to keep up.


Shaun just raised the sportsmanship and style bar at least, this is the dude that started the whole face bandana craze as I recall. I predict more leather in the terrain parks in the near future.

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