Ho-hum, another blockbuster storm heading our way…


Oh, so THAT’S heading our way.

That NASA image is truly something, and while the impending storm may mean more headaches locally, it’s going to be a boon for the ski areas. 

Finally, after weeks of southerly storm paths, the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are poised to get slammed with a band of snow barreling toward the Northeast. Some of the predicted accumulations are downright silly. Forecasters are varying in their calls for snowfall amounts, calling for 20-plus inches in southern Vermont, southern New Hampshire, and the Berkshires, and a foot or more in the White Mountains and Maine.


Three feet? OK.

And this model…well, I’m not quite sure what to think of it.

Meanwhile, Matt Noyes Tweeted the following screen shot late last night. Yes, that says Saturday.


The NECN meteorologist then followed that up with this: “I guess 11:35PM is a safe enough time (enough folks in bed) to mention that another storm seems likely next Tue/Wed. 

Whoa. One storm at a time. On that note, tomorrow should be a day on the hill equal to the 2007 Valentine’s Day storm and last February’s “Snowmageddon.” Day-trippers be warned though, as it appears blizzard-like conditions in the afternoon are going to create serious headaches on the roadways. If you can’t wait until Thursday, hotel accommodations may be in order for the evening.

Besides, if you miss this storm, there’s always the next one. Just wait a few days.

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