Stratton wants to turn past party frowns upside down


Did you have bad birthdays growing up? I had to share parties with my big brother since our birthdays are a mere year and three days apart. So his rowdy friends would rough house, spill soda and smear cake – usually an animal or dinosaur cake, nothing girly – never Barbie.

How much cooler would a ski area party have been? Well, Stratton wants to treat you to a better birthday on snow.

It’s Stratton’s 50th birthday this season, and they want to celebrate with you and 14 of your friends, so they are awarding a Stratton on-snow tubing party including two hours snow tubing, pizza, cake, and soda Just submit a photo and caption of your worst birthday ever to Stratton’s Facebook page for a chance to win. Enter with your pathetic past party by Feb. 17.

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