Romancing the slopes

Is skiing romantic? I think so.

Braving the elements with the one you love, riding a scenic chairlift together to the top of a snow-covered mountain. Carving figure eights down a beautiful slope with your sweetie. Anticipating that hot toddy by a hot fire at 4 p.m. when the lift stops, the boots come off, and the après ski party begins. What’s not to love?

Well, it turns out a lot of ladies, my gal pals in particular; think skiing is cold, complicated, competitive, intimidating, even scary. Several of my girlfriends are afraid of getting hurt, afraid of heights, or afraid of embarrassing themselves in front of their betrothed. Here is some female fall line advice to get your lady to like skiing more.


Take the pace down a notch, first and last chair don’t need to be the goal when you are skiing with your gal.

Offer to carry her skis, hopefully she’ll decline but you’ll look like hero, not a zero.

Let her pick the ski trails and the pace, so that she’s comfortable and confident. You’ll ski like a champ on ego pleasing terrain too, versus being a chump taking her down some icy mogul run. Date over.

Carry some instant hand warmers in your pocket to provide her on the chair if she gets chilly. A very warm gesture, for 2-bucks, that might buy you an extra run or two in lieu of a lodge break.

Compliment her on her form.

Rush to her aid if she happens to fall, even if it means hiking in ski boots. Your response time and concern are key.

Make lunch a more leisurely sitdown affair; skip the smooshed sandwich in the pocket – just for today. Chicks like to “do lunch.”

Take some silly or serious pictures to commemorate your ski day. Girls love guys that make them laugh, and most girls love photos of themselves.

Take breaks for hot cocoa and chocolate (both are known aphrodisiacs).


Don’t skimp on après-ski, this is the highlight for many females. A warm beverage by a fire, a hot tub, a romantic ski lodge – these are all post-alpine approved activities that should score you more ski points, and hopefully future ski dates.

Happy Vertical Valentine’s Day

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