A refresher course on the way?

Due to family commitments over the weekend (Woody! Buzz! On ice!) I won’t be making it to the slopes until Monday, which upon the outlook, seems to be the best bet for the weekend anyway, especially following this dreadful, 60-degree day in Boston.

Based on what some folks are saying, the upcoming pattern should deposit a few inches of snow in the mountains by Monday. Nothing drastic, but certainly (hopefully) enough to repair whatever damage this warming trend and the rain that is likely to move in at some point today bring. It’s not exactly the five feet that fell in Tahoe this week, but it’s something, right? (No, don’t go look. It will do you no good. Six inches will be swell, right? Right.)


On that note, while it was nice and fuzzy to hear everyone who skied yesterday boast about how great it was, might I add this? There’s nothing I like more than skiing corn snow on a warm, spring day, with the scents of BBQ and tanning lotion wafting through the air. There’s nothing I like less than skiing it on Feb. 17. I want it occasionally in March. I want it on April 25. I want it on May 7. I do not want it on Feb. 17. Are we clear now, Ullr? 

But don’t worry about that. Due to family commitments next weekend (Mickey! Goofy! A $15 BLT!) I’ll be in Florida for a few days, which should pretty much guarantee a big storm will surface over the mountains. You’re welcome.

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