Sugarloaf? There is an app for that

OK Sugarloafers, loaf no more as the resort’s new ski app is going to track your every move. 

If you have been bragging about bagging half a dozen Bufflecuffers before lunch, and knocking off Narrow Gauge laps, “Sugarloaf Replay” will now track those stats so you can share them with your ski buddies. Sugarloaf’s new downloadable app is free, for iPhone and Droid, allowing you to track your day and season on the mountain, clock your runs and vertical, your average and top speed for your own fun and challenge, and to share with friends at and on Facebook.


So you don’t have to take anyone at their word at the Widowmaker at day’s end over drinks, instead check their Sugarloaf Replay. You can see their accumulated stats and compare yours with fellow Sugarloaf skiers and riders. For the uber-competitive Sugarloafer (you know who you are), the app offers a “challenge” function, a Leader Board, and 10 Sugarloaf medals you can earn through the season. See if you can crush as much cord as Crusher.

The Sugarloaf Replay app also provides The Loaf’s daily snow and grooming reports, lift status, and streaming of Sugarloaf’s tweets. Bonus, you can share your thoughts on today’s conditions with the push of a button or click and call to reserve a table at The Brewhaus.

I presume this app would also indicate if you spend too much time at Bullwinkles, in the form of stalled vertical accumulation. Too bad this app wasn’t available when Paul Schipper was skiing his streak of 3,903 consecutive ski days, but I guess he didn’t need an app for that, he had his own inspiration. 

So let the games begin and the beer bets overfloweth, now that your boasting can be backed up with GPS tracked data as proof. 


Alpine Replay will be adding other New England ski resorts in the future, bringing more social media and technology to an already highly social, gadget obsessed circle of skiers.

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