Getting the safety message to your little skier or rider


Safety messages are so boring, right? Imagine being a kid, and all you want to do is ski, but Mom and Dad are giving you the danger rundown. Wear your helmet, listen to your instructor, buckle your boots, slow down, no jumping, blah, blah, blah. It’s understandable that youngsters would tune out from these tips and warnings.

Skiing is supposed to be fun, not riddled with rules and regulations. I remember teaching my kids the seven point skier’s responsibility code, it wasn’t until it became a contest during Safety Week at Sunday River with free hot cocoa as a prize that the code became “interesting” to them.


So when I found the cute, colorful kids book, “Safely Ski from A to Z,” I knew author Mary Stubbs Palmer was on the right track. This book of alpine alphabetic acronyms has happy illustrations of helmeted little skiers offering up easy, engaging safety lessons. I particularly like the letter Z reference with the kids sleeping with their skis on, dreaming of another day on the slopes. It’s a great bedtime, or après ski quiet time, read for ages three to eight. The book is endorsed by the National Ski Patrol, and recommended by this ski mom too. Get your kids a copy of “Safely Ski From A to Z” for Christmas at or check out

Photo by Greg Burke

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