Much to smile about in New England…


All is right with the world, and New Englanders in particular have much to smile about. The New England Patriots are going to their seventh Super Bowl. And winter finally arrived in the mountains with last week?s snowstorms, albeit a little late for California, Utah, Colorado and The East.

If the start to the ski season was painful – perhaps even ugly at times, so was the Patriot?s victory over the Ravens. But we New Englanders can be forgetful or at least forgiving, once we are winning. As for skiing, trail counts are up around Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. With the AFC Championship in hand, you can go skiing for the next two weeks without the stress or depression that typically accompanies a January playoff loss and lack of snow. We are stoked and snowy.


Which brings me to an important point; you should be skiing while your Superbowl team is prepping for the February show down in Indianapolis. Superbowl Sunday is notoriously under attended on the ski slopes. February 5 should be a giant ski day, since most people will forgo the slopes with their focus on that evening?s football game.

Go Pats. See you on the slopes.

Photo by Greg Burke

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