Don’t let Punxsutawney Phil or the Pats keep you from skiing


Here is an interesting fact: ski resort bars, restaurants and condos are equipped with TVs. Here is another reality: the Superbowl doesn’t start until 6 pm on Sunday. One more factoid: the mountains have received fresh snow this week and the weekend forecast is for sun, blue sky, and low human count.

So here is a question: why are you not skiing this weekend? It finally feels like winter; at least the calendar says it is February. The Groundhog seeing his shadow has little meteorological accuracy, Punxsutawney Phil is correct in his prediction about 39% apparently. Despite Punxsutawney’s prediction of only six more weeks of winter, February and March are traditionally the snowiest months in New England for skiers and riders.


I will give the Groundhog a little credit for distracting the media from Gronk’s ankle for a few moments. But his forecasting is just lame, and he is clearly not a fan of skiing.


Skiing on Superbowl weekend does not imply that you are not passionate about football or that you are not a serious fan. Quite the contrary, you can ski in your Pats jersey (not a Giants jersey – unless you are skiing at Hunter Mountain) and show your support publicly on the ski slopes. Sunday, you can ski until 1pm and be home in plenty of time, or better still, stay in ski country for what will be a very un-crowded afternoon on the slopes, then watch the game at some après ski spot. I will be at Stowe enjoying the snow and the game on the big screen at the Hourglass Bar in the lovely slopeside Stowe Mountain lodge. Go skiing. Go Pats.

Photos by Greg Burke

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