The Best Valentine’s Day gift for the vertically inclined…

I hate Valentine’s Day, there I said it. I am already filled with dread and it is still days away. Last year all I got was speeding ticket (42 in a 25), so it’s just not my favorite festival. Call it annual disappointment day or too bad you are single day, I find it to be a recipe for failure unless you are a florist or Hallmark. I do not need long stem red roses that are overpriced in February and doomed to die in a few days. Heart shaped chocolate assortments are mostly icky flavors, and other romantic gestures just seem like are result of marketing pressure.


But then I discovered the ultimate Valentine’s gift that would make any skier swoon. No, not diamond bedazzled goggles, but an iconic turquoise blue box from Tiffany’s. Inside the trademark box is your Gold Ski Pass, which looks like an Olympic Silver Medal on a ribbon– except this one is engraved with Tiffany & Co. on the back. Wait, it gets better.


Your Tiffany’s Gold Pass is personalized and gets you free ski privileges at over 250 ski resorts around the country. Imagine showing up at the ticket window wearing your Tiffany medal, which is embossed with the US Ski, Snowboarding and Freeskiing Team logos, requesting your lift ticket. This Gold Pass is a real head turner, and $8,500 of your gift giver’s contribution (the pass costs $10,000) goes to benefit the US ski and snowboard team members.

So yes sweetheart, I would like a Tiffany’s Gold Ski Pass for Valentine’s Day, in lieu of another speeding ticket.

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