Let us not talk about the forecast…

Dear ski resorts,

I understand you are snow-deprived this season. Believe me, I share your excitement at this frosty forecast, really I do.

However, I must ask you to refrain from hype and reporting snow you hope to receive as if it is already in the bag. I fear you may scare away the “you know what” (four letter word, starts with s and rhymes with blow). It has happened several times this winter, there is such high anticipation, the news releases go out pumping the 8-12 inches expected, and we are then disappointed with another dusting, maybe one to three inches of powder, which actually makes for great skiing but pales compared to our dreams of deep snorkel skiing.


We all have the ability to watch the weather and hear our favorite forecaster with his or her predictions. The jokes have been made about how weathermen are good at their jobs if they are right about 50% of the time. Why would you want to get into that business? You have enough challenges already, no?

We need less puff, more powder. Shhh, stop calling for that big dump. Call me superstitious, but I think the frosty flakes are shy about making an appearance this year. Let’s underestimate and be overwhelmed and overjoyed. That would be something sweet to tweet about.

Thank you.

PS. How ironic that just as I was posting this blog, I received this report. Thank you Sunday River for today’s admission from Team Snow; “We see something in the forecast that bodes very well for our weekend, but every time we talk about such weather events, we get in trouble, so hush now.”


The above pow shot was a 6 inch powder morning January 20 at Loon, the forecast was for a dusting to an inch. Photo by Greg Burke

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