More powder than we thought?

The bad news is, I’m out ice cream.

The good news is, portions of northern New England are likely going to get pounded with snow this weekend.

Earlier in the week, A.J. La Rosa, aka “Lionel Hutz,” a Burlington, Vt. lawyer by day, meteorologist extraordinaire for Famous Internet Skiers otherwise, had predicted an oncoming storm that would dump up to 16 inches of snow in some areas. Not wanting to get disappointed, yet again this season, I forced some doubt. Rightfully, A.J. asked when he had let me down before, which is, admittedly, not often, and promised me that if he was off on this one, he’d buy me ice cream to make it all better.


So, I’m out dessert, but we’ll take the alternative.

As it turns out, 16 inches now looks conservative for some spots. In Stowe, for instance, the National Weather Service is calling for 16 inches through tonight, with an additional four inches falling during the day tomorrow. Further to the north, Burke and Jay Peak could be in jackpot territories. To the East, about eight inches looks to be headed toward Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Saddleback in Maine, while northern portions of New Hampshire including Wildcat, Cannon, and North Conway look to pick up the same range of four-eight inches.

Those all seem like low totals though if you listen to The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore, who seems a little excited about this storm. He Tweeted earlier that New England will get clobbered with snow, and sees blizzard-like conditions in Maine tonight. So, what looks to be the better day for powder turns this weekend? Earlier this morning NECN’s Tim Kelley Tweeted: “As Northern New England Snow is postponed until tonight, and Storm Force Gusts Forecast Tomorrow, Sunday is Mountain Top Pow Day.” 

Seems like the storm we’ve been waiting for. Finally, our just desserts.

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