Good snow, good times, sunshine

Let’s see: recent snow in the mountains – check. Trail counts at 80-100% at most major ski resorts – check. Sunshine and longer days – check. Plenty of events and promos for the next several weekends in ski country – check. What are you waiting for? Grab the sunblock and the boards, and go.

Every year we have this discussion people, but as soon as temperature reach 60-degrees in Boston, many of you retreat to other spring activities and stop going to the mountains in March, even though the best skiing, the most snow and the brightest, longest days arrive.

Here goes the annual reminder: there will be months of biking, golfing, baseball, spring cleaning the garage (surely you can procrastinate that), but only four March weekends remaining and maybe a few in April left to ski and snowboard – unless you are planning a trip to Chile this summer.


Mind you, the base depths this winter are not what we have been blessed with the past two seasons, particularly at lower elevation ski areas. In fact, according to NOAA, this is the 3rd least snow winter in the 46 years they have recorded snow depth by satellite. Simply put, you cannot predict how long the snow pack will last. Mother Nature could deliver tons more snow – as she often does in March and April, or spring could be a total meltdown.

That is all the more reason to go now, get your skiing in. I know it is hard to grasp when you are surrounded by snowless ground, and I have been personally amazed every weekend for the last two months, how much snow there is at northern New England ski areas. The woods at Sugarloaf, Saddleback, Stowe and Sugarbush are snowy and sweet.

The weekend’s forecast looks sunny. Sugarloaf is hosting their 2nd annual Banked Slalom this weekend, a snowboard speed event on the crazy Sidewinder course, great for spectators. Saddleback’s Telemark Invasion is this Saturday with a Knee Dipping Tree Fairy Free Ride Glade Competition in the Casablanca glades. Sugarbush is hosting the 15th annual Castlerock Extreme, the third leg in the Ski The East Freeride Tour that concludes March 17 at Jay Peak. That is just a sampling of ski and ride events going on.


Just because it is 60-degrees in Boston and there is no snow, does not mean winter is over in ski country, far from it. Some of the best skiing and riding of this season, and the coolest events are coming up. The question is, will you be skiing, or are you really going to spring clean your garage?


Stowe photo by Greg Burke

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