80s on the slopes baby


This weekend at Sunday River, it is all about the 80s. I am talking about the decade, not the 80-degree temperatures of last week. I think fellow skiers will agree that March meltdown was too much too soon. The snow haters had their fun, ecstatically mocking us core skiers about how they were golfing and biking and how the “skiing must be over.” Not so fast friends.

Thankfully more seasonal temps have returned to the mountains, and six of the remaining 10 open ski areas, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Saddleback, Loon, Wildcat, and Jay Peak, have all made snow in the past few days.


Sunday River made snow on four trails last night, their 103 day of snowmaking, which must be a record. Sunday River has the most terrain open in the East, 57 trails and 317 acres. Conditions are variable at all ski areas – so you may encounter everything from freshly blown snow to corduroy concrete in the morning, to corn by mid morning, to mashed potatoes turning to glue if things heat up, all in the course of a ski day. That’s the joy of spring skiing, that and the outfits.


This weekend, Sunday River celebrates everything 80s. So day-glo is way encouraged, one piece suits are mondo, and big hair is bodacious. If you can still steer long straight 200-centimeters skis, that is gnar to the max. Show your retro 80s outfit at the ticket window and save $10 on your ticket, totally tubular. There will be 80s music at the Foggy Goggle for après ski, fer sure. It should be like totally bitchin’ weekend at Sunday River, so don’t be a dweeb and think ski season is over, that is so lame.

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