Ski season is not lacking for this Loafer


A little ski math, I typically log 40, maybe 50 if I am lucky, ski days in a season. My husband Greg tracks our vertical with his handy Vertech Ski watch and with the Alpine Replay iPhone app – for comparison. Okay, so we are a bit obsessed, but we enjoy measuring our time on the mountain, typically bagging 10 runs before lunch. It’s a game, it keeps us going. Our average ski day, we accumulate about 26,000 vertical feet, so that squeaks us in at just over 1,000,000 vertical feet in a ski season. I have always thought our alpine accumulation was worthy, till I saw Tom Hanson’s stats.


Sugarloafer Tom Hansen has us beat, by four times – geez. If this ski season seems like a bummer for many of us in New England, it has been a hummer for Hanson. He has skied 105 days, logged 4,239,462 vertical feet (yes, 4 million) in 2,841 runs, which is the equivalent of 6,346 miles. I don’t know how many Bag burgers he has burned in calories, but for a 60 year old guy with arthritic knees and a heart condition, I am impressed. It gets better; Hanson has raised over $2,500 in pledges for the Ski Museum of Maine while tackling the mountain. You can still contribute to Hanson’s charitable charge at and you can track his stats at Sugarloaf’s Alpine Replay, but I doubt you can catch up with him.

Sugarloaf Photo by Greg Burke

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