Winter is back? For now? Maybe?

It was about 5:15 this morning when I pulled into a gas station to fill up, the brisk chill of a 32-degree air smacking me in the jaw as I emerged from my car.

“We were spoiled,” the woman pumping gas in front of me said, as if I were into a break of dawn conversation about the weather.

“Love it,” I said, grateful that maybe, finally, winter is here.

Snowmaking resumed at many resorts across New England Wednesday night as the December temperatures became more seasonable, but it appears we’re not through with the unwelcome warmness. The low in Boston on Monday is supposed to be 50 degrees. Great for the Texans-Patriots game; bad for snowmaking.


But most ski areas have not suffered. While some have had to postpone their openings, some resorts, including Loon, Stratton, and Killington have up to 40 percent of their terrain open. In fact, according to Ski Vermont, 20 percent of all terrain in the state was open as of yesterday, the strongest opening since 2008-09.

So, welcome back winter. For now. Again. Wash, rinse…

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