Are skiers more honest? The goggle test…

I am going to go out on a frozen icy limb and say skiers are honest and trustworthy. My experience with lost and returned items at ski resorts is far better than in my other everyday pursuits. This is surprising since skiing is such a gear intensive, expensive sport – you would think it would be a finders keepers losers weepers scenario on the ski slopes.

I never expected that my husband’s goggle, which flew off his hat while skiing at Okemo this weekend, would actually be returned to the “lost and found.” Whoever picked them up off the Heaven’s Gate ski trail could have easily popped them in a pocket and enjoyed the $200 Smiths for the rest of the season. I was shocked when Greg walked out of the base lodge with a big smile and his retrieved red goggles. Thank you to the kind ski stranger who went the extra mile to return them.


Similarly, I had completely written off my wallet which fell out of my ski jacket pocket a few seasons back at Sugarloaf. Imagine my astonishment when it was returned a month later, it had been buried in the snow on Spillway, but was sent back to me intact including the $20 bill.

My son “misplaced” his phone while skiing at Big Sky Montana, it was turned in at the end of the day – a bit wet but whatever. This does not typically happen at the mall, at school, in public places. People who ski just seem to me to be more considerate, kind and honest. If its karma, I am glad I picked up a guy’s phone one day at Sunday River, called the last number dialed and was able to track down a friend skiing with the phoneless guy and give it back at the Barker base lodge. He was stoked, I know the feeling.

I am not going as far as to say skis and snowboards don’t disappear at resorts (its like leaving hundreds of dollars unattended), so keep track of your gear – note to self. But I am thankful to the honest skiers and riders that do the right thing and help a stranger reunite with their stuff. And I am glad I don’t have to buy my husband a replacement pair of goggles for Christmas.


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