Mayan calendar says hit the slopes…

If the Mayans calculations are correct, and the world calendar comes to an end tomorrow, do you want to spend your final moments at your desk? Or would you rather be in deep snow in the mountains pursuing your favorite passion?

There is much scholarly debate about whether tomorrow’s 12/21/12 is indeed doomsday, and it looks very doubtful – but it still makes a mighty fine excuse to hit the slopes just in case.

This Mayan milestone mania reminds me of the Y2K panic, we stocked up on water, batteries and canned goods, then eagerly logged onto our computers on New Year’s Day to find that our electronic lives had indeed re-calibrated and accepted the 01/01/00 date. That turned out to be a great day to ski too, as New Years Day often is.


Some folks are having fun with Friday’s debatable date, Ragged Mountain is selling a $21 Mayan midweek ticket now through tomorrow – which is valid any midweek non-holiday this season, representing a 66% savings.


Even though I am highly dubious about the Mayan calendar finale on 12/21/12, I am going skiing at Sunday River. There is fresh snow from this week at most northern New England ski resorts, particularly in Maine’s mountains, and it’s the first day of winter. Seems like reason enough, don’t you think? Lifts open at 9am, and the world ends at ???

See you on the slopes.

Sunday River photo by Greg Burke

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