The faithful are rewarded


The weekend prior to Christmas is my personal favorite for fresh snow and very few people on the slopes. Yesterday at Sunday River, those that went skiing instead of shopping were rewarded with freshly made snow, sunshine, and an appropriately wintry scene. First tracks on American Express and Right Stuff were talcum powder textured snow with a stunning sunrise over the mountains. The River did an amazing job resurfacing trails. Its never dull for ski areas, they just can’t predict what Mother Nature has in store, 30 inches of snow last week followed by a warm wet spell Friday for example, but snowmakers are always ready to respond and guarantee a very White Christmas with or without natural snow. Families arriving at New England ski resorts for the holiday week are being greeted with a White Christmas and snowy slopes.


Guess who else was skiing at Sunday River this weekend? A certain retired Red Sox catcher decided to learn to downhill ski. Jason Varitek went vertical this weekend, and the All -Star catcher was caught learning to turn and riding the magic carpet at South Ridge. His wife Catherine Varitek even tweeted about his fall line follies. The ‘Tek family also enjoyed après ski at the Foggy Goggle. Varitek is no big threat to the US Ski Team, as his time was mostly spent on the magic carpet, still it’s great to see a career athlete try alpine and enjoy the winter wonderland with his family.

I wish you and your family have a very Merry snowy Christmas. See you on the slopes.


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