Look out Amos the Moose, here’s Eddy the Yeti


Eddy emerged from the woods a few winters ago at Sunday River. He’s white and furry, a sort of Big Foot with big bright blue eyes, blue paws and feet. He’s an awkward abominable snowman that you just can’t help but find alluring. I didn’t know much about Yetis when I first encountered Eddy , but have since learned that Yeti sightings are rare since they are notoriously shy, like the legendary rarely spotted Canadian Sasquatch.

Well Sunday River’s Eddy the Yeti has migrated from the wilderness out onto the ski slopes, making a big splash with the kids since his debut. Eddy has warmed up to the winter-loving alpine humanoids that frequent the River, and can be seen out and about, at special events and even on skis. If you haven’t see Eddy the Yeti yet, here he is caught on Sunday River video filmed today playing in the fresh snow!


In fact, Eddy has become such a snowy celeb he has his own book, cleverly written by Heidi Bullen and Illustrated by Claudia Diller – the wives of Sunday River and Sugarloaf GMs interestingly . Eddy’s picture book details his evolution and his cabin in the Enchanted Forest – which kids can ski to, like Amos’ at the Loaf.


Let’s face it – Disney dominates with their large eared mouse, and Sugarloaf’s moose is a star – kids clamor to see Amos, and are more excited about going to ski camp. Well there is a new yeti in ski country. Eddy even has a girlfriend Betty the Yeti, a buxom Maine babe with cuddly white fur. Betty and Eddy can be your Dinner Guests, you can book dining at the Peak during vacation week Feb 19 – ride the Chondola with your family and feast at the North Peak Lodge with the furry friends, a fun photo opp.

Mountain magic or “mouseketeer” marketing? No matter, kids love mascots and parents love whatever engages their offspring to want to go skiing. Go see Eddy the Yeti and Amos the Moose, it’s Children’s Festival at Sunday River and Sugarloaf this week, so their fur is sure to be flying around.


Sunday River and Sugarloaf photos by Greg Burke

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