Skiing at 100 mph!

It’s National Safety Week on the Slopes, so I probably shouldn’t be promoting fast skiing. Let me just preface with “leave it to the pros,” and “don’t try this at home.” But check out this amazing alpine speed run in Switzerland Jan 16. Johan Clarey of France set an unofficial speed record of 100.59 mph during his Downhill training run at the FIS World Cup in Wengen, Switzerland. Ok, that’s fast.


The Hanneggschuss is considered the longest and fastest Downhill course on the World Cup Tour, men’s world cup racers hit their top speed on a straightaway at the two-minute mark on this legendary 2 1/2-minute run before the final s-turn.


Guenter Hujara, FIS men’s race director said, “We don’t go for speed records, (however) we can let the racers go straight in this section of the Hanneggschuss because it is not that risky.”

While the super fast French Clarey hit the highest speed, the World Cup win went to Italian Christof Innerhofer, on Saturday, Jan 19. He clocked 99 mph officially, the first Italian to win the Wengen Downhill in 16 years. Marco Sullivan was the top finisher for the US Ski Team at 13th. US Ski champion Bode Miller has sidelined himself for the rest of the season citing a need to heal from another knee surgery and to prepare for the 2014 Sochi Russia Winter Olympics. If you follow Miller and his volleyball star bride Morgan Beck on twitter, you know he’s been dealing with some personal stuff too.

Slow down, enjoy and I’ll see you on the slopes!

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