Ted Ligety Shreds at Schladming


US Ski Team racer Ted Ligety became the first man in over four decades to win three gold medals at the World Championships, not since 1968 when French racer Jean-Claude Killy won 4 Golds has there been such a stellar ski performance. Ligety did not get the quad gold in Slalom on Sunday, but he took Gold in Super G, Super Combined and GS in Schladming, Austria last week.

The US Ski Team needed this big victory after Bode Miller stepped down due to injury and Lindsey Vonn’s Austria Championship attempt ended with a horrific crash and airlift on Feb 5. Vonn and Miller are both recovering from knee surgery.


Ligety hadn’t been in the spotlight much, until now, and he capitalized on the moment. Post race, Ted praised his Shred Stupefy Goggles, saying “Being able to put my head down and charge with a 360° clear field of view has enabled me to take extra risks. It’s been by far the best week of ski racing in my life.”

While Ted Ligety was shredding gates and winning in Austria, his signature line of Shred Goggles and Brain Bucket helmets were turning heads in Denver at the SIA Snow Show – an annual gathering of ski manufacturers flaunting next year’s gear.

Ligety’s latest MEGA BRAIN BUCKET Helmet offers the most impact protection plus cool technology of a unique PIN inside the helmet, ICEdot is an In Case of Emergency ID which can be text messaged to a designated number and an automatic reply will be sent with critical information about the injured wearer. Shred will equip all helmets with this unique PIN system, think of it as the OnStar for skiers and riders.

So Ligety is skiing like a rock star and rocking his cool swag. Won’t every kid on every race team want some steezy Shred Goggles like Ted and a Half Brain Helmet? Shred Optics and Helmets come in super fun colors (like dayglow green and nastify orange), and are completely integrated to work seamlessly together.


In other ski racing news, 17-year- old US skier Mikaela Shiffrin won her first World Championship slalom at Schladming, the third youngest gold medalist in slalom and the first American woman to win since Barbara Cochran in 1972. Mikaela is a Burke Mountain Academy girl.

Great results for the USA, less than a year away from Sochi Russia’s Winter Olympics. Go Team.

Photos Courtesy of Agency Zoom

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