Word from the White Room


So this is not my favorite ski blog, since I prefer skiing to give you a firsthand snow report. But while I was rehabbing my knee this weekend, my husband was skiing soft fresh snow at Sunday River. Call it hearsay, but here’s the word from the white room.

“I haven’t seen the River with this much snow in years,” said Greg Burke, who without me (his usual ski sidekick) had the pleasure of reconnecting with his brother Jon for a ski day. Banking over 35,000′ vertical feet, it seems the boys had a very legal day, and Greg was able to show his bro (a Sugarloaf lover and not a real River fan) that Sunday River has some hidden gems and steeps when the natural snow is this good.


This weekend Sunday River was 100% open with 2-4″ of pow and packed powder conditions – and that’s not just marketing fluff. There’s wall to wall skiing on Sunday River’s eight peaks, including all natural trails like Hard Ball and Chutzpah, iCaramba and Wizard’s Gulch. White Heat gets all the hoopla and headlines, but The River has some wild and worthy glade trails. If you haven’t skied this handful of hardcore trails, this is the year to get at it.

Looking at snow reports across New England, it’s refreshing to see trail counts at or near 100% and base depths upwards of 4 feet (50-60″ at Sugarloaf, Stowe and Jay Peak). This is the snowy winter we skiers wish for. So unless you have a medical excuse (personal joke), you should be skiing in all this snow. Riding a stationary bike is no replica for carving cord on Risky Business. Call up your brother, or your long-lost ski buddy, and bank some vertical during this perfect storm of a ski season.


Sunday River Photos by Greg Burke:
GM Dana Bullen jumps for joy in all Sunday River’s snow during first tracks Sunday
Jon Burke skiing Sunday River’s “snowfields”

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