March – the worst month to ski


For years, I have promoted March, and even April, as the best time to ski. No more, I was mistaken. I may have told you that in March the days get longer and sunnier, visibility on the slopes improves, and the skiing is so much better than on November’s skinny trails, December’s flat light, January’s grey skies and February’s frequent winds. I shouldn’t have, please disregard that data.

I probably even encouraged you to pack sunscreen, dress in layers, plan to tailgate in the parking lot, and prepare for the best snow conditions of the year. I even mentioned that the best parties on snow occur at this point in the season – as goggles and facemasks are replaced with sunglasses and smiles. I bragged about how the snow gets creamy, the music and the margaritas start to flow around the sunny base lodges – which become a beach on snow. What kind of fun is that? I hereby revoke all of those ridiculous predictions and fun promises.


I also talked about how spring skiing means less people, just a small remaining group of real skiers and riders leaving more slopes to those who go. Well, that was a mistake. Since I told you about the joys of spring skiing, it’s harder for me to get first chair on a sunny March Sunday. My bad…

So please allow me to retract all of my puff and over-promotion of March skiing. Please dump my downhill advice, stay home, get out your bikes and golf clubs, go shop for a swimsuit or watch the kids spring sports training. Just don’t go skiing. Instead, you should probably detail the car after all those salty trips to the ski hills, then vow to keep it clean – no more ski resort rides till next November. Snow show is over, nothing to see or ski here, people.

Leave the spring skiing to me, it’s just not that great.


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