Skiers are doers


On any given Saturday, dedicated skiers have had several invigorating laps on the ski slopes, before most folks have gotten out of their pajamas. Up before dawn, driving to the mountains for those first fresh tracks requires organization and a serious passion for the outdoors in winter. I often think to myself at around 10am on a weekend how much fun I have already had so early in the day. Mind you, waking up and making the trip before sunlight requires some self talk, because that warm bed could easily win. Coffee helps too, and heated car seats.

If you are a fellow skier or snowboarder, you know the joy of getting out on snow. You know how awesome alpine skiing makes you feel. And you feel a little sad for your friends who just don’t get it. But you don’t try to convince them, or over promote the snow sport – since it’s something you either love or leave alone.


Some of my friends think we are crazy to spend our days off on cold snowy mountains, making long trips with tons of gear, spending serious money for a ticket to ride a suspended lift and strap boards to our feet and slide down a slippery hill. I suppose they have a point. But you and I know that along with the risk and the regimen (read: no sleeping in on Saturday or Sunday) comes huge reward. We skiers are doers.

See you on the slopes.


Photos by Greg Burke

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