Cyber Ski Twist Monday!

If you haven’t wedeled* yet this ski season, it’s time to do the ski twist. Enough CyberMonday deals and drama. I defy you to watch this ski video and not smile. You are going to want to do the ski twist, yodel, and hit the ski slopes post haste!

Hans “Hansi” Hinterseer is an Austrian World Cup alpine skier turned singer, actor, entertainer and ski dancer (wait till you witness his moves). Hansi was a charismatic Austrian Ski Team member in the 1970s, winning numerous World Cups. Now he’s charming the world wide web with his ski appeal. Happy Ski Twist Monday.

*wedeln or wedel: a snow skiing style in which the skier executes a series of short quick parallel turns by moving the backs of the skis from side to side at a constant speed.

See you on the slopes!


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