For the love of snow


I love snow, it sparkles and glitters, and gives me a fresh soft slate on which to carve my skis – obviously! I also love it when I get back on the chairlift to see my tracks still remaining, my temporary signature in the snow before they are skied over by others. Simon Beck loves snow too. He’s a skier too. But his love of snow goes beyond making two tracks, and the occasional look back. Simon Beck is a snow artist.

Beck says, “My snow art started as a little fun after skiing one evening.” Simon Beck has become renowned for his snow art creations, especially in the Alps of France, Les Arc and Mont Blanc (pictured here). Equipped with a Silver 54 compass, and lots of energy to make countless footprints in the snow, Beck creates giant snowflakes and intricate patterns in fluffy powder. These masterpieces in the mountains he then photographs, since more snow or the wind can easily blow away his work in one storm or a blustery night. Some call it disposable or temporary art – I call it amazing. His passion, his precision and his photos of snow patterns are amazing. You can see more of Simon Beck’s spectacular snow art on his facebook page.


Merry Christmas, enjoy the snow. Get out and play, make your signature in the snow this holiday!


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