Will Lindsey Vonn ski at Sochi

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Look who is making plans to ski fast and fashionable at Sochi?! Lindsey Vonn is staying on track in her pursuit to ski healthy and compete, looking stylish, at the Sochi Winter Olympics, now just 42 days away!

Vonn is allowing you, her fans, to select her ski helmet graphics for Sochi. In collaboration with her famous designer friend Cynthia Rowley, Lindsey has posted four cool ski helmet designs on her facebook page, and you can help her choose the winning one.

I personally love the Snow Leopard, fast but feminine like Lindsey herself, so I am voting for #LVforGold2. Other designs include flower graphics, Gold foil (a potential winner), and sparkly wings.


The best part of this post in my opinion is that Lindsey Vonn’s head, and helmet, are in the game. Just three days before Christmas, Lindsey posted, “I was skiing well and in contention for a podium finish when my knee gave out on me in a turn. I’m fighting as hard as I can to keep my Olympic dream alive but skiing with no ACL is harder than I expected. I’m going see how my knee responds over the next few days and make a plan going forward. Fingers crossed!” Lindsey suffered a crash in Copper, Colorado on November 18, and a severe knee injury last February in Schladming Austria. But she is not down or out, she appears to be gunning for Gold in Downhill, which debuts February 12, 2014 at Rosa Khutor, Russia’s alpine ski venue located a half hour from Sochi and the Black Sea.

Vonn is no stranger to high speed injuries. Remember she crashed in a downhill training run during the 2006 Olympics, was medi-vaced via helicopter, but competed two days later, and finished eighth. And she won Gold in the 2010 Winter Olympics at Whistler. So she is determined to defend her title.

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Let’s not forget she’s dating the tenacious Tiger Woods, who won the U.S. Open with a broken leg. I don’t think that comes close to skiing at almost 100 mph with no ACL… but it speaks to the power couple’s common competitiveness. I’m not a fan of their relationships either…. perhaps the golfer is pushing her too much, whether intentionally or not. The fact remains that Lindsey has always possessed nerves of steel, fierce focus and tremendous strength on the course, in the gym, etc. She give more than 100% and never cheats (sorry Tiger) herself, her fans or her team.


So pick out Lindsey Vonn’s winning ski helmet. Go Team USA!

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