Olympic Gold Medalist at Sunday River’s Dumont Cup


The 6th annual Dumont Cup comes to Sunday River this Friday-Saturday, your chance to see the best free skiers in the world, including the 3 U.S. Olympic medalists from the first slopestyle ski team who swept the podium at Sochi, Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper. Friends of Simon Dumont, they have all placed in the top 3 at Sunday River’s ProAm event in the past. In fact, last year, this same trio swept the podium at the Dumont Cup, just in a different order with Goepper on top then Gus and Joss.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Gold medalist Joss Christensen and ask about his winning winter.


Joss, did you and Nick and Gus ever imagine sweeping the podium for the first ever Olympic ski slope style? “We definitely all talked about it before the event, we knew there was a chance but I am not sure that any of us actually thought it would happen. It was just so amazing when it actually happened!”

Joss, what’s it like traveling with and then competing against your friends? “It’s great! We all want each other to do well and root everyone on. We are all definitely competitive and want to win, but we don’t let that get in the way.”

Joss, are you stoked to compete again at Dumont Cup after grabbing Gold at Sochi?
“Yes, I’m really stoked for the Dumont Cup this year. I always have a fun time there. And yes, I really want to try and get first this year! I’ve placed second twice and third twice there before so it would be amazing to finally win. Ha ha.”

Joss, if Simon Dumont is the “Godfather of freeskiing” and Gus is the skiing puppy saver, what might your title be? “Ha, this is a hard one. I would say I’m just a skier having a lot of fun.”


Joss, what do you do with your Gold medal? “Its actually wrapped up in a (clean) sock in my closet right now -haha. I keep it on a shelf with all my other Olympic stuff while I am out of town. I try to hide it when I leave.”

Joss, anything you would like to add about your ups and downs this ski season?
“I just can’t thank everyone enough who helped me stay focused and positive throughout the past year.”

Ironically, Joss Christensen was the final skier named to the four-man Olympic slopestyle team. He dedicated his win to his Dad who died last summer.

Go see these Olympians ski the huge elements at the 6th annual Dumont Cup this Friday-Saturday. New for this year, the event will be held on Simon Dumont’s newly designed terrain park trail T72 at Sunday River. Also Tom Wallisch, who won the 1st annual Dumont Cup, is now a Dumont Cup judge. Clearly Simon Dumont’s event has become a platform for predicting the biggest names in free skiing. And it’s super fun to watch.


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