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Family Of Skiers Reunited


By Heather Burke, Correspondent

It broke my heart the day my daughter broke her knee skiing. That was five years ago and she’s had a rough road since — three surgeries and tons of rehab. So to ski with her at Sugarbush, that was my Christmas gift. Aspen (yes, we named her in hopes she’d love skiing inherently) has always been a beautiful, strong, courageous skier. Even at five years old in a pink one-piece ski suit, she charged through glades, floated on powder and ripped steeps, making me nervous and proud simultaneously.

Well, those same sensations flooded back as she returned to the slopes with us this holiday in snowy Vermont. Her grace and fluid skiing style returned full strength, as I followed her down snowy Birch Run and Rim Run. It was so gratifying to watch her ski, just as it was exciting to hear her say the month prior, “I miss our family ski trips, when can we ski together again?” My Christmas wish is fulfilled. Her big brother is in Montana (yes, Big Sky Resort country), so reuniting three of us sufficed, after all I know he’s skiing – just not next to us.


“I love skiing,” she said, “I love the freedom, being outdoors in winter, going fast, but being in control.”

We skied dozens of runs on groomed corduroy and even had a powder morning — our White Christmas. I love that she is back to the sport we share. We all know the inherent risks, and the indescribable rewards. I hope your holiday includes a shared passion with your loved ones.


By Heather Burke, Sugarbush Vermont Photos by Greg Burke


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