Put Down the TV Remote and Go Skiing


By Heather Burke, Boston.com Correspondent

Boston and the Cape and coast have been walloped with winter snow, over 95 inches in Boston, approaching the 107.6 record of 1995-96. So we are all tired of shoveling snow. That’s been established. But is anyone else tired of the weathermen telling us not to go outside, to stay indoors?

We have received beautiful fluffy white snow – more in our driveways than in the mountain perhaps. Still, ski resorts throughout New England have exceptional skiing and riding conditions, They are 100 percent open. “The glades are loaded with snow,” reads the Saddleback Maine snow report. Even natural snow areas like Magic and Mad River Glen are wide open with 50” base depths.


Our snow season in the east is better than ski resorts out west, with a deeper snow pack, and consistent cold (an understatement – it’s very cold). We should be jumping for joy and grabbing our skis, not grasping the TV remote for a rehash of the devastation and horrendous driving conditions of the last storm. The Weather Channel would prefer that you remain glued to the tube awaiting its next alphabetical snow- pocalypse (Juno, Linus, Marcus, Octavia, Neptune, Pandora…). I think the better plan is to pounce on the weather window between storms — on the slopes.

As Boston Mayor Martin Walsh said about folks jumping out their windows into the white stuff: “This is not Loon Mountain.” He’s right, it’s not safe to snowboard out your city window onto a 2-story snowbank. In order to enjoy all this snow in its rightful place you need to drive to the ski resorts and take your tricks to the groomed terrain parks. The roads have been cleared (kudos to road crew for their tireless snow removal efforts!). Go ski some perfectly groomed packed powder and find some fresh goods in the woods. This is the ski season we New Englanders dream about. Wake up and go get it. The Weather Channel will be there when you get back.


See you on the slopes.

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