Dumont Cup Call To Free Skiing Pro Bros

By Heather Burke, Boston.com Correspondent


Taking your kids to the Winter X Games in Aspen is well, unrealistic. But taking them to Sunday River March 27-28 to see the world’s top free skiers – totally do able. It’s the Dumont Cup, now in year 7, an event created by Maine-native Simon Dumont that has evolved to the largest freesking Pro-Ams anywhere.

If you know a flip about free skiing then you know these names: Joss Christensen, Nick Goepper, Gus Kenworthy, Bobby Brown, Torin Yater-Wallace, Jossi Wells, Alex Schlopy, Tom Wallisch. These are all skiers with serious swagger, and shelves of X Game and Olympic medals. They also share a bond that goes beyond big jumps and sliding rails. These pros are bros. So when Simon says “come to my event at the River,” they roll.


Simon Dumont’s 7th annual Dumont Cup will take place on his signature T72 trail at Sunday River March 27-28, your chance to see up close and personal these big names throwing big tricks and sick air time. Its also a glimpse at future talents, this is where Alex Schlopy, Nick Goepper and Gus Kenworthy won and fast-tracked their free skiing pro careers.

Simon, dubbed the Godfather of Freeskiing at the sage experienced pro skiing age of 28, no longer competes in his own his event- he’s had his share of injuries, and is content to Emcee and let his event be a foray for new free ski talent, and a gathering of his pro tour buddies.


I have been watching Simon and his Dumont Cup since the inaugural 2009, before that even when he set a World Record for Quarterpipe Air at Sunday River in 2008. I was a hero for letting my daughter skip school to watch, which is again – cheaper than a trip to Aspen’s Winter XGames or the next Olympics. The Dumont Cup never disappoints

If you think you have what it takes to throw down at this show down of top skiers, you can register to compete at Dumont Cup http://dumontcup.com/. You will need to sign up, sign your life away (kidding – just a waiver) and shell out $135, but there’s $20k in cash prizes, plus swag, up for grabs from sponsors Red Bull, Target, Oakley, Sunday River, and 360fly.


Stay tuned for all the big freeskier names rolling into Bethel Maine March 26-28 for the 7th annual Dumont Cup, and see the Dumont Cup schedule of events at Sunday River. Dumont was on his home hill a week ago checking out the features for his 7th annual Cup. Here’s a video of Simon’s run through his 15 acre T72 park on North Peak at Sunday River earlier in March.

By Heather Burke, Sunday River Dumont Cup photos by Greg Burke

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