6 Reasons to Go Spring Skiing this Weekend

Wondering whether you should go skiing this weekend? Here are six reasons why you should.

1. This weekend is going to be EPIC on the ski slopes
As new snow, sunshine, and finally some warm temperatures align after a very cold winter, Sunday River, Saddleback, Sugarloaf, Loon, Bretton Woods, Black, Cannon, Wildcat, Waterville Valley, Mount Snow, Sugarbush, Stowe, Stratton, Smugglers Notch, Killington, and Jay Peak are all open this weekend for skiing and riding.


2. Spring skiing = relaxed dress code
Spring is the time of year you can wear anything, and I do mean anything, to the ski slopes. With a little courage, you can go to the ski slopes in a bikini, a Halloween costumes, or your Dad’s fart bag (one-piece suit from the 80s). Even jeans- normally a ski fashion don’t – are OK come spring. Bonus fashion points if you rock day glow while skiing on vintage skinny skis (any ski that is over 200-centimeters, long and straight, with no side-cut whatsoever). Yes that’s me on my 200s in 1986 at Gunstock.


3. Spring skiing = the best parties
As the sun gets stronger and the days go longer, ski resort parties get bigger and better. This weekend, Sunday River has Pond Skimming on Saturday and its Passholder Bash on Sunday. Sugarloaf hosts its 27th annual Reggaefest April 9-12. Stowe and Stratton have Pond Skimming Saturday too. Cannon Mountain has Blizzard Splash Pond Skimming this Saturday, and 2 for $74 tickets. That just a sampling of the festivities you will find on snow. BYOS: bring your own sunglasses and sunscreen.


4. Hero snow
The best spring snow occurs within a small window, so you have to carpe ski’em. There is a thin line between perfect corn snow and mush, slush, mashed potato. Typically around 10:30 or 11 a.m. on an April day, the groomed cord turns to a perfect consistency of hero snow – pliable, forgiving granular that is not yet sticky or splashy. That’s when you want to ski the bumps of Agony at Sunday River, or take your best line on Liftline or Gondolier at Stowe.


5. Après ski starts earlier
For the previously mentioned melting snow situation, you have an excuse to head to the base lodge deck for frosty beverages as soon as the snow goes to glue. Cheeseburgers taste so much better fired on an outdoor grill, savored in the sunshine al fresco with a slope view. Look for music playing and parking lot tailgate parties too. It’s like a Patriots pre-game.


6. No regrets for 7 months
The proverbial sand in the hourglass is running fast, like the water in our rivers as the big snowbanks melt. Despite what snow haters will tell you, winter ski season is short in New England – late December to early-April (or 100 days give or take). There will be plenty of time to ride your bike, mow the lawn, you get the drift. Now is the time to ski on a winter’s worth of snow before it goes away for seven long months.

See you on the slopes.

Heather Burke, Photos by Greg Burke

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