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Skiing is dynamic. The make up of physical and mental preparedness combine with trust in your equipment and the ability to overcome you fears (or at least use them as motivation) are what define the sport.

IMG_0628.jpgJay Peak

For most casual snow sliders the simple experience is enough, and there is nothing wrong with that. No matter what your level, we are all out on the mountain to have a good time. It should be no other way. So relax, take heart and have faith. If Mother Nature is spiting raindrops or Old Man Winter is blowing artic air, smile. We live once and all that we cherish can be taken away from any of us at the drop of a hat.
I know of people who have gone to Killington for a day of skiing and reallocated their lift ticket money to the bar. Does the resort care? Heck No, you will spend more monies inside than out, so if socializing is what you want, go for it.
I have heard (not sure if it is true) that Intrawest Resorts would like their visitors to spend two hours per day outside on the snow surface. That is Crazy talk, but you can not buy things (equipment, merchandise, condominiums, etc.) when you are going 25 mph downhill.
As for my aforementioned friends, they ended up drinking all morning and afternoon at the base lodge bar in their ski boots, never taking a run. They had a blast and so did everyone who skied. No Problemo on any counts.
IMG_0097.jpgSugarbush North
Eventually though, one day you will find yourself on a chairlift. Maybe you will see a person skiing well below or you had an embarrassing fall the run prior. Regardless of what may bring the desire, you will be looking for more out of yourself on the snow. If you want to raise your game and improve every day you will need mental resolve and physical toughness, trust in your gear and above all confidence and the ability to handle your fears. When all components are clicking, finding fresh snow to ski on will be your only limitation.
I have had a lot of friends ask me what I do to get ready for the season. Honestly, I hate to admit, the answer is really not that much. Do I sit and wait for snow to fly, negative. There are things that I do to prepare; stretching, running, taking inventory, replacing gear setting goals and more.
Over the next several days I will be taking time to explore different aspects of my personal preparation for the season. It is not necessarily what I recommend for you. But since I have been asked, I will share. Take from it what you will and enjoy. Check back soon for more.
Think Snow!
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