2023 holiday movies: 100+ new films to watch this season

All of the best 2023 holiday movies on Netflix, Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, and more.

Jason Biggs and Heather Graham in "Best. Christmas. Ever!"
Jason Biggs and Heather Graham in "Best. Christmas. Ever!" Scott Everett White/Netflix

The holiday movie season is upon us. Cable channels, streaming companies, and on-demand platforms have been cranking out the 2023 holiday movies since late October, with many more to come in November and December.

The most prolific purveyor of holiday movie cheer is the Hallmark Channel, which has 31 holiday movies plus an additional seven new movies on its Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

Chances are that if you turn on one of the Hallmark channels on any given night, you’ll be treated to some wholesome holiday entertainment. That said, if you miss a specific Hallmark movie on its original airdate, you can stream it through either the Hallmark Movies Now app or on Peacock up to 72 hours after it airs.


In the streaming realm, Netflix leads the way this year with several 2023 holiday movies of their own, but Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ are all getting in on the holiday fun as well.

Below you’ll find 111 new 2023 holiday movies, with info on when and how to watch them.

(Note: If you miss a broadcast or cable movie’s original air time, be sure to check out the channel’s website, as many movies are available on-demand with the correct app or a valid cable login.)

Netflix 2023 Holiday Movies

Top pick: “Best. Christmas. Ever!” (Nov. 16)

This Netflix original movie takes aim at the annual holiday newsletter, which so many parents use as a socially acceptable way to brag about their family’s accomplishments. When Charlotte (Heather Graham) and her husband (Jason Biggs) accidentally end up on the doorstep of Charlotte’s old college friend Jackie (Brandy Norwood), Charlotte is determined to prove that Jackie’s life can’t possibly be as perfect as her annual holiday newsletter suggests.

“The Claus Family 3” (Now streaming)

“The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday” (Nov. 30)

“Family Switch” (Nov. 30)

“Christmas As Usual” (Dec. 6)

“YOH’ Christmas” (Dec. 15)

Lifetime Holiday Movies 2023

Top pick: “Christmas at the Chalet” (Nov. 25)

“Desperate Housewives” star Teri Hatcher has multiple movies on this list, including this Lifetime title in which she plays a socialite and ex-TV host trying to stay relevant on social media. When she ends up without a room at an Aspen ski resort (where her ex-husband, his new girlfriend, and their son are also staying), Hatcher’s character becomes a housekeeper, and racks up new followers in the process.


“Christmas Plus One” (Nov. 18)

“Planes, Trains, and Christmas Trees” (Nov. 19)

“Laughing All the Way” (Nov. 26)

“Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas” (Dec. 2)

“Mistletoe Match” (Dec. 3)

“Silent Night, Fatal Night” (Dec. 7)

“A Cowboy Christmas Romance” (Dec. 9)

“Yes, Chef! Christmas” (Dec. 10)

“The Holiday Proposal Plan” (Dec. 16)

“A Christmas Intern” (Dec. 16)

“Merry Magic Christmas” (Dec. 17)

“Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend” (Dec. 23)

Hallmark Channel Holiday Movies 2023

Top pick: “A Merry Scottish Christmas” (Nov. 18, 8 p.m.)

Have you noticed that “Mean Girls” star Lacey Chabert has become the queen of Hallmark Christmas movies? This year’s entry is “A Merry Scottish Christmas,” in which she and her estranged brother (Scott Wolf from “Party of Five”) fly to Scotland to visit their mom, only to find out that she’s secretly a Duchess. A totally relatable and realistic scenario, am I right?

“Checkin’ It Twice” (Now streaming)

“Where Are You, Christmas?” (Now streaming)

“Under the Christmas Sky” (Now streaming)

“Ms. Christmas Comes to Town” (Now streaming)

“Christmas By Design” (Now streaming)

“Mystic Christmas” (Now streaming)

“Joyeux Noel” (Now streaming)

“My Christmas Guide” (Now streaming)

“Flipping for Christmas” (Now streaming)

“Never Been Chris’d” (Now streaming)

“The Santa Summit” (Now streaming)

“Mystery on Mistletoe Lane” (Now streaming)

“Everything Christmas” (Now streaming)

“A Heidelberg Holiday” (Now streaming)


“A World Record Christmas” (Now streaming)

“Ms. Christmas Comes to Town” (Now streaming)

“My Christmas Guide” (Now streaming)

“Mystery on Mistletoe Lane” (Nov. 18)

“Holiday Hotline” (Nov. 19)

“A Season for Family” (Nov. 22)

“Catch Me If You Claus” (Nov. 23)

“Letters to Santa” (Nov. 24)

“Holiday Road” (Nov. 24)

“Christmas in Notting Hill” (Nov. 25)

“Our Christmas Mural” (Nov. 26)

“A Biltmore Christmas” (Nov. 26)

“Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas” (Nov. 30)

“My Norwegian Holiday” (Dec. 1)

“A Not So Royal Christmas” (Dec. 2)

“Christmas With a Kiss” (Dec. 3)

“Rescuing Christmas” (Dec. 7)

“Magic in Mistletoe” (Dec. 8)

“Christmas on Cherry Lane” (Dec. 9)

“Round and Round” (Dec. 10)

“An Ice Palace Romance” (Dec. 14)

“Heaven Down Here” (Dec. 14)

“The Secret Gift of Christmas” (Dec. 15)

“Sealed With a List” (Dec. 16)

“Friends & Family Christmas” (Dec. 17)

“Miracle in Bethlehem, PA” (Dec. 21)

Hulu 2023 Holiday Movies

“A Christmas Frequency” (Now streaming)

“Reporting For Christmas” (Now streaming)

Disney+ 2023 Holiday Movies

“Dashing Through the Snow” (Now streaming)

“The Naughty Nine” (Nov. 23)

“Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever” (Dec. 8)

Apple TV+ 2023 Holiday Movies

“The Velveteen Rabbit” (Nov. 22)

Prime Video 2023 Holiday Movies

“Elf Me” (Nov. 24)

“Candy Cane Lane” (Dec. 1)

“Merry Little Batman” (Dec. 8)

More 2023 Holiday Movies

Now streaming

“A Wesley Christmas Wedding” (BET+)

“Heart for the Holidays” (BET+)

“Christmas Angel” (BET+)

“Destined 2: Christmas Once More” (Great American Family)

“‘Twas the Text Before Christmas” (Great American Family)

“Bringing Christmas Home” (Great American Family)

“Journey to Christmas” (Great American Family)

“A Dash of Christmas” (Great American Family)

“Our Christmas Wedding” (Great American Family)

“Christmas Keepsake” (Great American Family)

“A Christmas Blessing” (Great American Family)

“How to Fall in Love by the Holidays” (Roku Channel)


“A Holiday I Do” (Tello Films Network)

“We’re Scrooged” (UPtv)

“Christmas Time Capsule” (UPtv)

“Sworn Justice: Taken Before Christmas” (BET+)

“Exmas” (Freevee)

November 18

“Santa, Maybe” (Great American Family)

November 19

“A Paris Christmas Waltz” (Great American Family)

“Country Hearts Christmas” (UPtv)

November 23

“So Fly Christmas” (BET+)

“Christmas with the Foxes” (Fox Nation)

November 24

“My Christmas Hero” (Great American Family)

November 25

“A Royal Date for Christmas” (Great American Family)

November 26

“A Christmas for the Ages” (Great American Family)

“Mistletoe Connection” (UPtv)

November 30

“A Royal Christmas Surprise” (BET+)

“The Christmas Ringer” (BET+)

December 2

“Christmas on Windmill Way” (Great American Family)

December 3

“The Jinglebell Jubilee” (Great American Family)

“Yuletide the Knot” (UPtv)

December 7

“Never Alone for Christmas” (BET+)

December 9

“Meet Me Under the Mistletoe” (Great American Family)

December 10

“Peppermints & Postcards” (Great American Family)

“Christmas at an Amish Bakery” (UPtv)

December 14

“Christmas Rescue” (BET+)

“Favorite Son Christmas” (BET+)

December 17

“12 Games of Christmas” (Great American Family)

“Dial S for Santa” (UPtv)

December 21

“Whatever It Takes” (BET+)

December 23

“A Royal Christmas Holiday” (Great American Family)

December 24

“A Christmas Letter” (UPtv)


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