US Airways tweets pornographic photo to customer

A pornographic image tweeted from US Airways sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy today. Many Twitter users expressed shock.

The airline has since deleted the photo and tweeted this apology:

Here’s what happened.

Someone named Alex from Virginia tweeted at the airline several times yesterday in frustration over problems with her flight.

US Airways did tweet back at her yesterday.

And she responded.

Then her mom got angry.

And Alex tweeted this at the airline today:

Then came the shocking photo. US Airways tweeted at her again at 2:48 p.m. today, writing, “We don’t like to hear this, Alex. Please provide feedback to our customer relations team here:’’ and provided a link to the pornographic image instead of the customer relations team info.


The same pornographic image was actually tweeted at American Airlines at 1:59 today by someone on Twitter who goes by the handle @ARTxDEALER. It’s a mystery why US Airways tweeted that same photo to a customer, but there is speculation online that a US Airways customer service worker spotted the tweet, copied it to share with a friend, and then accidentally sent the copied link to a customer. Another theory is the airline’s account was hacked.

Alex’s reaction?

We bet they really made her mom mad now.

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