Watch a Tourist Kiss a Gray Whale


Tourists had a whale of a time when they got up close and personal with a friendly gray whale in Mexico.

In fact, one tourist even planted a big ol’ smooch on the whale’s head.

From the looks of their boat, these tourists were on one of Pachico’s Eco Tours in San Ignacio Lagoon. These 22-foot long boats hold 10 passengers. The tourists squealed with delight as a gray whale swam around their boat, offering himself up for petting, and even spyhopping for the crew (popping his head straight up out of the water in order to view his surroundings).


The video was shot last month by Edward Berlin, who traveled to Mexico from California.

“Whales, whales, and more whales on our second day in the lagoon,’’ writes Berlin on YouTube. “One is hanging out under water. Another one kisses Gizem. And, finally, one surprises Jamie with a spy hop close up.’’

To get the water shots, he used a waterproof encasing on his GoPro camera, he writes.

According to the Pachico’s Eco Tours website, the company guarantees people will see the whales within a few yards of the boat, but whether the whales get close enough to touch depends on the whale. The company makes it clear its boats will not chase or harass a whale — any interaction with humans is made on the whale’s terms.

Fortunately for this group, this whale was ready to party.

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