Fisherman Catches Rare and Ugly Goblin Shark

A rara goblin shark caught by a shrimp fisherman in the Florida Keys.
A rara goblin shark caught by a shrimp fisherman in the Florida Keys. –GeoBeats video

Imagine going fishing and pulling up this?

Behold the goblin shark, among the rarest and ugliest sharks on the planet. They are named for their ugly appearance — beady eyes, elongated snouts, and long heads. A Georgia shrimp fisherman named Carl Moore caught the shark near the Florida Keys on April 19.

“Man that thing looks prehistoric,’’ said Moore, 63, after pulling up the 18-foot shark on April 19.

He released the shark back into the ocean (after taking pictures, of course), and reported his find to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) when he returned Wednesday.

Goblin sharks were last recorded by ocean researchers in 2000, reports


“This is a very rare finding,’’ John Karlson, a research biologist at NOAA, told NBC. “We don’t know very much about these animals.’’

Only a few goblin sharks have ever been caught, but the bottom-dwelling sharks have been spotted in Japan, France, Portugal, South Africa, Zew Zealand, and the U.S., reports the GeoBeats video above. It is the second goblin shark of record in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the NOAA.

Find out more about goblin sharks.

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