8 Gorgeous Spring Pics of Boston Posted on Social Media This Week

Tulips in the Boston Public Garden.
Tulips in the Boston Public Garden. –David L. Ryan/Globe staff

This week’s mild temperatures have Bostonians and visitors alike bursting to share spring photos of our great city on social media. We spotted these eight images and wanted to share them with you. Because what’s better than Boston in spring?

Ted Nguyen, from California, tweeted this, writing, “Boston, for a grand ‘ole dame of America, you exude spring!’’

Louise Miller from Jamaica Plain posted this, writing, “#spring in #Boston! At last!’’

Pragmatic Mom posted this on Instagram, writing, “Signs of Spring Boston. Cherry blossoms in my neighbor’s yard.’’


Jessica Polizzotti from Massachusetts tweeted this pic, writing “#Boston Public Garden in bloom = breathtaking’’

Taj Boston tweeted this, writing, “Breathtakingly beautiful day in #Boston!’’

Kristen Galaudet, from California, posted this, writing, “Beautiful spring tulips all throughout Boston Common. So gorgeous! #boston #spring #flowers’’

David Crowley, of Boston, posted this on Instagram, writing, “Nice spring morning in #Dorchester. Recognize this spot? #Boston #neighborhoods’’

Leah Klein, from Cambridge, posted this on Twitter, writing, “Beautiful #Boston. Spring skyline.’’

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