Visiting Chicago? You Can Now ‘Tilt’ Over the Edge of the Hancock Center

Chicago’s newest tourist attraction, “Tilt.’’
Chicago’s newest tourist attraction, “Tilt.’’ –NewsFix video

Imagine leaning over the edge of a 94-story skyscraper.

Welcome to “Tilt,’’ Chicago’s new multi-million dollar tourist attraction that opened inside the John Hancock Center over the weekend.

Here’s how it works. You stand in a steel and glass enclosure on the 94th-floor observation deck of the Hancock Center (1,000 feet in the air), hold onto the bars on each side of you, and the platform pivots outward and tilts downward 30 degrees while you take in views of the city skyline, The Magnificent Mile, and Lake Michigan. It holds eight visitors at a time.

“Tilt’’ is being called “terrifying,’’ “thrilling,’’ and “vertigo-inducing’’ on Twitter, where folks are daring each other to live on the edge and do it.


Kevin Tibbles, an NBC correspondent, took the dare (or was sent on assignment). Here’s his tweet:

The attraction costs $5 plus general admission to the 360 Chicago observation deck (formerly the John Hancock Observatory), which is $18 for adults and $12 for kids.

Would you do this?

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