Logan Airport Announces Participation in TSA Pre✓™

The new TSA program would allow members to go through security at a quicker pace.
The new TSA program would allow members to go through security at a quicker pace. –The Boston Globe

If you’re tired of taking off your shoes at airport security, the Transportation Security Administration has a solution: the TSA Pre✓™ program.

The program gives approved U.S. citizens and permanent residents a five year security fast-pass, called a Known Traveler Number, which allows them to use special expedited check-points at 118 participating airports, according to a release issued by the TSA.

Logan Airport announced the opening of its new application site on May 13.

TSA Pre✓™ members have the luxury of quicker security screenings and faster lines, plus they don’t have to remove belts, shoes, outerwear and jackets, or take out liquids and laptops from carry-on bags.

Interested applicants and visit one of 250 centers nationwide. —Getty Images

If you want to jump on board with the program, the application process is thorough. First, you must be a background-free U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. You cannot have been convicted of any of the crimes listed.

There is an $85 application fee, which is nonrefundable regardless of approval status. Applicants must visit an application center. Biographic information can be filled out online, but you’ll have to be fingerprinted and provide citizenship and immigration documents in person.

Once completed, applications take two to three weeks to process. Approved applicants will receive their Known Traveler Number in the mail, which they can enter when booking flight reservations with the 10 participating airlines. The KTN and TSA Pre✓™ will appear on the member’s ticket and will grant access to the special security lines. Denied applicants will be out $85, but will be able to continue booking flights with whichever airline they choose.

Membership is good for five years, at which time enrollees must go through the application process all over again.

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