The Brands People Love to Travel With

You’re sitting in your Southwest terminal with a Starbucks coffee, waiting for your flight. You flip through your National Geographic Traveler magazine and debate eating your Snickers bar. You’re pretty hungry, but decide to save it for your flight. It will make a good snack after your Subway sandwich. You reach into your Samsonite carry-on to find your Burt’s Bees lip balm. But they just called your flight so you put away the balm, tuck an Evian water into your purse, adjust the Ray-Bans on your head, pack up your Apple iPad, and head for your gate.


Have you thought about the products you use when you travel? The travel website TripAdvisor has. It recently revealed the products travelers love to use most in 46 categories that range from airlines to hair gel to ski equipment. The above 10 made the list.

Here’s how the brands were chosen. TripAdvisor travelers from around the world took a survey about the brands they prefer. TripAdvisor then created a short list of the favorites and asked more than 95,000 travelers (about 30,000 from the U.S.), to select their favorites from that list. View the complete list.

What are the brands you simply can’t live without when you travel?

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