America Now Has More Than 35,000 Museums; Boston Museum-Goers Share Their Photos

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A Freedom Trail tour guide dressed up as Capt. Daniel Malcom in front of the Old State House.

America has double the amount of museums it had in the 1990s.

Our nation now has 35,144 museums nationwide, reports the Associated Press. In the 1990s, the estimate was 17,500. While new museums have most certainly cropped up, the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services says the museums were counted differently this time — using IRS 990 forms rather than state museum association records.

Bostonians and visitors to our great city love the variety of museums Boston offers, from the Boston Children’s Museum to the Isabella Gardner Museum to the USS Constitution Museum. Boston museum-goers show their enthusiasm for our city’s museums every day on social media. Check out these fabulous images from folks across the United States who have visited our museums lately.


Jerrad Chandis Aker from South Carolina was at the USS Constitution Museum:

Caty Trio from Boston was at the Boston Children’s Museum:

Robert Hoffman from New York was at the Old State House:

Kenneth Saranich from Connecticut was at The Paul Revere House:

George Yui from Ohio was at the Isabella Gardner Museum:

And, finally, Carlos Peralta was at the Museum of Science:

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