Young People Eating and Drinking Their Way Through Vegas

Young Vegas-goers are spending more money on food and drink than gambling.
Young Vegas-goers are spending more money on food and drink than gambling. –TripAdvisor

In 2013, Vegas-goers were younger and spent more money on food and drink than gambling, according to the Associated Press.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority released a 2013 visitor profile Tuesday, revealing the average age of Vegas visitors is under 46—that’s four years younger than in 2009. These travelers spent the majority of their cash on food and drink, equating to an average $279 per four-day stay.

We saw evidence of this on Twitter, of course. Here’s what the young folks are eating and drinking in Vegas these days.

Sue Coates stopped by Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR and tweeted this picture of her and her meal.


Sarah Lee ate at Caesars Palace and tweeted this picture of triple chocolate pudding saying, “This is why it’s called Sin City!’’

Bobby Yang went to District One and enjoyed Ribeye Carpaccio. He tweeted, “When #Vietnamese food is great, it’s the bestest!’’

Chelsey Goetz retweeted this picture of herself taken by Andrea Frantz, of Storm Lake, Iowa, who tweeted, “First drink in Las Vegas…a peanut butter chocolate malt.’’

Rowdy Bec Rawlings of Brisbane, Australia tweeted this picture, saying, “This bubblegum burst cocktail was bigger than my head & I finished it like a boss.’’

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