Wanna be an Instagram Travel Star? You Just Need a Hook

Travelers are using Instagram and a hook to gain a following and snag attention while touring the world.
Travelers are using Instagram and a hook to gain a following and snag attention while touring the world. –iStockphoto.com

There is a man parading across Europe in a bathrobe.

How do we know this? Instagram.

Travelers who use Instagram are learning a great hook is all they need to snag a following and some attention. Take, for instance, the BathrobeCrusader, a man posing in a blue bathrobe at places all over Europe and posting the photos on Instagram. When asked why the robe, he told Mashable: “He is the Bathrobe Crusader and the Bathrobe Crusader Bathrobe-crusades’’ (it doesn’t hurt to add some quirk for good measure, like talking about yourself in the third person). This dressed-down traveler has more than 4,300 Instagram followers already. Not bad, considering he’s only been at it since May 23.


But he’ll need more to catch up to Melissa — a.k.a girleatworld — who has racked up more than 51,000 followers on Instagram with the simple premise: “Stuffing my face around the world.’’ In other words, she takes food selfies with popular landmarks as the backdrop.

Here is what both Instagrammers posted from London:

And here are a few more photos we enjoyed from these social media nomads:

The BathrobeCrusader writes: “But are you surprised? Pigeons swarm to greet the #BathrobeCrusader as he gallivants through the #Tuileries #JardinDesTuileries #Paris #France #VelvetRobe #AnimalWhisperer #NotForHire #TimeToWashMyHands #WhereWillWeStrikeNext’’

A shot of “An apfelstrudel in #Vienna’’ from girleatsworld:

In the words of the BathrobeCrusader, “And the Great Lake shot forth to greet the crusader. [Swiss – 1] #LakeGeneva #JetdEau #TheGenevaWaterFountain #Geneva #Switzerland #BathrobeCrusader #Rhone #VelvetRobe #WhereWillWeStrikeNext’’

And, from girleatworld, “Köln cathedral in #cologne #germany. The biggest cathedral I have ever seen! It was so massive that i had to take a vertical panoramic picture…’’


What will Instagram bring us next? A man doing headstands in a chicken costume at natural wonders around the world? We can only hope.

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