Barefoot Waterskiing, Boston Waterskiing, and Cool Waterskiing Pics

Barefoot -- and backwards -- while waterskiing.
Barefoot -- and backwards -- while waterskiing. –The Weather Channel

Do you dream of gliding on the water? Or perhaps you’ve already mastered the art of waterskiing. But have you done it barefoot?

These waterskiers are not only barefoot, but backwards and hanging off a boat. Some are even airborne! Check out the video above posted by Devin Graham from the west coast, who makes adventurous YouTube videos under the name of Devin Super Tramp.

And here’s a waterskier who is barefoot while being pulled by a plane.

Obviously, you can ramp up the intensity of this sport quite a bit. But, for many, the goal is to simply stay up. If you want to learn to waterski, there are local companies such as Hamilton Adventures in Holland that will teach you how. If you are looking for folks to waterski with around New England this month, check out Boston WaterSki Enthusiasts. This group welcomes skiers of all levels and arranges waterski meet-ups at the Merrimack River, Lake Cochituate, Chebacco Lake, around Boston Harbor, on the Cape, and also in Rhode Island.


Do you feel ready to compete? If so, check out the New England INT. The INT, begun in 1993, is now in 27 states and is known as the “Little League of Watersports.’’ Waterskiers, wakeboarders, wakeskaters, and kneeboarders of all ages and levels compete each year. You can also find out about local learn-to-ski clinics, waterski clubs, and competitions at USA Waterski.

OK. Time for some cool waterski pics we spotted on social media.

We love this shot of eight people waterskiing at once, posted by Christian Evans from England:

Look at this incredible shot posted by Toby Chapman (we’re not sure where he is, but we want to go there!):

Heather Roberts from New Jersey posted this:

Wow, look at this backdrop! Arianne Einfeldt Brown from Utah posted this video:

“Amazing night on the lake,’’ wrote Matt Swanson, and posted this:

It’s how Jordan Birch from Canada works out:

Little Jaxon, 4, from Minnesota is learning to ski this summer:

And, finally, we’ll leave you with this tweet by Dave Symmes from Boston:

Hmmm, we wonder what that’s all about?

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