Crickets in Boston This Labor Day Weekend? We Think Not

Boston will not be a popular Labor Day weekend destination, says We disagree.
Boston will not be a popular Labor Day weekend destination, says We disagree. –John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe

If you are traveling to Boston this Labor Day weekend or planning a staycation in the city, expect crickets, says

The travel site is predicting Boston will not be a hot Labor Day weekend destination this year. In fact, it’s saying Boston will be a good place to take a “time out.’’ That’s because the site’s Labor Day weekend search traffic to Boston has dropped 32 percent (Paris and Vancouver round out the site’s three “time out’’ cities with significantly dropped search rates).

We can’t speak for Paris and Vancouver, but we disagree that Boston will be dead. We’ve got plenty of Labor Day weekend fun happening in Boston and beyond, from fairs to festivals to fireworks. Oh, and don’t forget the Mass Brewers Fest taking place at The World Trade Center and Saint Anthony’s Feast (named the “Feast of all Feasts’’ by National Geographic Magazine) taking over the North End. The average hotel rate in Boston this weekend is $299, says kayak. If you want to save money, check out our August lodging, dining, and attraction deals.


So where the heck is everyone heading, according to Kayak? To Athens, Georgia, where its search traffic has increased by 3,000 percent (due to the University of Georgia’s football season opener).

We say, whatever. We are happy to frolick at fairs and festivals until the Pats take the field next week.

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