Happy National Dog Day from 10 Adorable Boston Terriers Worldwide

Happy National Dog Day!
Happy National Dog Day! –iStockphoto.com

Dog owners are posting photos of their dogs for National Dog Day today and we spotted plenty of Boston terriers in the mix. We couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Should these Boston terriers decide to pay homage to their breed name and spend some time in Boston, we’ve got plenty of pet-friendly hotels waiting to pamper them. Find out where they’d have to travel from.

This alert Boston is from North Carolina:

This sleepy Boston is from Mississippi:

This panting Boston is from California:

This chewing Boston is from Canada:

This radio-friendly Boston is from Australia:


This playful Boston is from Canada:

This bath-obsessed Boston is from Hawaii:

A Boston’s butt in Oregan:

Video of a Texas Boston lounging around:

And, finally, check out video of the cutest little Boston puppy attacking a bucket of water in the Philippines:

Do you have a Boston terrier? Have you traveled with your pooch?

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